Monday, 4 July 2011

30 Day Journal Challenge

I'm really excited to share with you all the first few pages of my journal completed from the prompts of the 30 day challenge on Run With Scissors. I don't consider myself to be a hugely artistic person, so this has been a bit of an effort for me, but I wanted to challenge myself, and it's certainly done that. I'm really proud of what I've achieved so far - obviously my art and craft skills leave a little to be desired, but I don't care!

Day 1's prompt was to crate an introduction page... 
I included the titles of some of my favourite books and a little 'what the cat is really saying' bit :)

Day 2: Set some goals for challenge

Day 3: Things I want to do this month

Day 4: What I wish I wore 
- a little homage to my adoration of all things Cath Kidston.

Day 5: My summer traditions

I'm a little bit ahead, but like I said, I'm happy to do it at my own pace. It's been really fun trying to find inspiration for each page and coming up with the goals and tasks to accomplish and pulling out all my high school art supplies. Hopefully I'll get a little braver as I go on, I'm still a little scared to draw in case it looks rubbish, but so far so good :D

What do you think? Have you ever done anything like this before? I love looking at other people's interpretation of the prompts so please share if you have.


  1. I had a go at the Wreck This Journal thing a while back because I'm so impulsive. Love cath kidston so much, all the ck gifts we got as wedding presents made my life haha! x

  2. We almost had our wedding gift list at CK! I'd have been quite happy with that. So obsessed. I applied to work in the Leeds store when it opened but never heard back - ultimate dream job!
    Do you have any pictures of what you did in the journal? xx

  3. Oh that looks like fun!!

  4. It is :) I wanted to get away from my laptop a bit and engage my brain a bit more, and this just seemed like the perfect little project xx

  5. Ahh I applied too and suffered the same outcome, got so excited when I found out it was opening as well. I go in quite often and ask if there are jobs opening up any time soon. I think I might have some pictures on tumblr/my flickr.. i'll try dig them out. Should get back into it really cos I did enjoy being creative.

  6. Found a few


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