Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Family

Say "family" to me, I will probably show you this picture...

Which is the screensaver on my phone. Which I showed to pretty much everyone ever after I took it, cooing 'this is my family'. Literally, everyone ever. So I'm sure you've all seen it. But I love it. The monster down the front is Kofi, he is approximately 7 years old and huuuuge. He loves to cuddle, but is also more agressive than Miso, the baby girl my husband is holding - she's just a baba in this photo, she's a year old now, and not much bigger. She is a Small cat, and he is a Big cat. They adore each other (after a rocky start) and regularly curl up together for naps and clean each other. It's adorable. They are basically my children.
And that's my Hubby again! He's two years older than me but he has such a baby face he still gets ID'd for booze.We'll be married a year this October 1st <3

Having said that. I could equally show you any one of these pictures...
Family meal about 15/100 years ago. The three boys are my brothers, the girls my cousins - I'm bottom right,  a real cutie, amiright? ;)
Day trip to Scarborough with my parents.

Doing the Transpennine Real Ale Trail with my Dad, brother, Grandma and Husband.

At my eldest brother's wedding in '08 - I was bridesmaid - cried like a baby.

And from my weekend just gone at home...

Bowling with my Dad.

Constantly changing (soon I'm going to be an Auntie!), lots of different versions, but it still boils down to the same thing. Love (and, you know, the occasional argument).

Hubby & I have grand plans to start one of our own one of these days. Can't wait!

p.s urgh. this was supposed to publish tomorrow but blogger went wrong so since it's probably already in your reader, you might as well see it now.

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