Friday, 1 July 2011

July, July.

Soundtrack: Calgary by Bon Iver

And so begins the second half of 2011. It's been a fairly uneventful year for me so far, particularly compared to 2010 - where I bought a house, graduated from university (I studied Environmental Economics at the University of York) and married the love of my life. But uneventful works for me! I like the quiet life :)

I only work part-time, and I have had part-time jobs since I was 13, but this has been my first experience of being "employed", rather than a student with loans to fall back on - and whilst I can't say I love having to get up and go to work everyday (who does right?), it's a refreshing change of pace after the stress of full time education. No deadlines, no late nights in the library, no exams! For the most part I can leave my work at work and just enjoy being at home with my hubby. Since we're saving we can't afford to travel and shop as much as we'd like, so we make our own fun at home.

With that in mind, a craft/writing project has just caught my eye. The 30 Day Journal Challenge was actually run over the month of June by Janel over at Run With Scissors (and I missed it, opps), but I figure I can work at my own pace this way. I really love to scrapbook and I have a severe case of notebook-lust which has led me to amass a rather enviable collection that are woefully underused - so it seems perfect.

The notebook I've selected for this project is a really beautiful one that I got as a present from my eldest brother for my birthday a year or so ago after his trip to Iceland - the cover features Moomins and is actually made of really thin wood! I'm super excited to get started with this project and share my progress with you, probably in 5 or so day recaps.

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