Monday, 18 July 2011

"It's vintage darling"

Hello all! Hope you had as nice a weekend as I did - despite all the rain! :)

I booked this trip home with the intention of seeing my Mum, and maybe my Dad (separated), but ended up seeing the whole family (my 3 brothers, sister-in-law and accompanying future niece/nephew and my brother's girlfriend who's also my friend from uni... They met at my wedding!). It was lovely to see everyone - I got very attached to the baby bump - only 1 month to go! I can't wait to meet you little kiddo - but my family is a huge melting pot of personalities and emotional sorts, so it was pretty tiring. Glad to be home with our cats now.

Over the course of the weekend Hubby and I ate a lot of food, watched the new Harry Potter film (that might have to be a separate post I think - so good!), spent far too long travelling on coaches and went bowling!

(Me about to score a strike, obviously)

I wore vintage dresses the whole weekend and I realised most of my wardrobe could technically be classes as 'vintage' these days. Is it fashion snobbery to say that I love it? Don't get me wrong, the rest of my wardrobe mostly comes from supermarkets or cheap chains like Primark or H&M, it's not like I'm spending hundreds of pounds on clothes here, but there's something wonderful about one-of-a-kind clothing. I absolutely hate that feeling when you see someone else in the same clothes as you (especially if they're styling it better!).

My camera started to die so the outfit pictures were a bit hurried - not sure any do this dress justice. It's the mostly gorgeous pink coral colour with a fitted bodice with boning, a ruched chest and peplum waist - I was worried this overly excentuated my hips when I tried it on (I usually favour a flare from the empire line or waist), and it does, but I've grown to love that about it. I'm all curves in it :)

Dress: vintage - Mighty Baby, Leeds
Shoes : Megabowl!

As I said, my camera died so I didn't get a picture of my full outfit for HP but I wore the same dress with these Irregular Choice Scottie Dog shoes.
(Image from google)

The most gorgeous shoes ever? I think so.

Phew! Still super tired from all the travelling so an early night for me and Hubby I think.


  1. I love this dress, suits your style perfectly! :) x

  2. Thanks love :) I felt pretty amazing in it xx


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