Sunday, 10 July 2011

What I Wore

Tunic: Urban Outfitters
Jean shorts and peep-toes: H&M

Hubby and I decided against the school fete yesterday, despite the nice weather, opting instead to have a lazy afternoon at home, watching the English Women's football team romp to, well, defeat in the end, but my gosh, what a match!

What a performance. I felt a ridiculous amount of pride in those women, right from the get go, for as small a thing as all singing the national anthem, to the fantastic resilience and perseverance they showed limping through extra time with crippling injuries, still making attempts on goal and holding the French off. Unlucky and disappointing to lose on penalties in the end, but what an incredible effort they made. Kelly Smith who could barely walk in extra time, not only assisted on an almost-goal, but went on to score her penalty with ferocious power and skill. I was speechless. So, so proud. Their performance puts our male team to shame, their passion, their endurance, their team spirit. Well done to them and to Hope Powell for leading them so far.

P.S. the photo in the background here was part of a retro shoot done by Hannah Millard Photography which I adore. She's a good friend of mine and superbly talented - she shot our wedding photos, I'll have to share some soon

P.P.S. Please ignore my dreadful tan. These shorts are too short to wear to work, hence my pasty pasty white thighs. I need to go to the beach!

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